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Why do we use artificial intelligence for our funds?

In an increasingly digitalized and connected world, we see an exciting future for the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in relation to our funds. Our goal is to leverage the latest AI technologies to offer an intelligent, efficient and data-driven investment strategy that delivers real value to our clients. By using AI, we can analyze large volumes of financial data and identify complex patterns and relationships that are difficult for human analysts to see.

By applying AI, we are thus able to continuously improve our investment strategies and maximize success through a balanced risk-return ratio and targeted diversification of our funds. We will continue to invest in research and development to leverage the latest advances in AI and provide a competitive advantage to our clients.

How do we use our algorithms?

One focus at HMTS is the active management of risk by means of derivatives using state-of-the-art AI technologies. In doing so, we use specially optimized computer techniques for time series analysis, with a particular focus on deep learning and machine learning. To ensure that our applied models meet the highest quality standards, we subject them to an extensive retrospective testing process lasting several years. In doing so, we strictly adhere to scientifically proven procedures and rely on best practices. The calculations are based on price data from global stock, bond and commodity indices. In addition, a wide range of text sources are analyzed using various Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods. Any subsequent adjustments to the models also go through this testing process before being adopted in live operation.

How do we deal with risks?

We recognize that human expertise and judgment are essential. AI serves as a powerful tool that supports and complements the work of our experts. We will continue to have a team of highly skilled analysts and fund managers who monitor, interpret and incorporate AI results into investment decisions. Overall, we strive to implement innovative and responsible use of AI in our funds. In this way, we can provide unique value to our clients by leveraging the power, efficiency and precision of AI to achieve their investment objectives and ensure long-term success.

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